Andrey Rublev scares the crowd with a crazy gesture of anger

The Russian punches himself on the knees, unable to control a moment of frustration

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andrey Rublev scares the crowd with a crazy gesture of anger
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Andrey Rublev scared the crowd present at the PalaAlpitour in Turin, who were watching the match between the Russian and Carlos Alcaraz. What happened on the Day 4 match at the ATP Finals, once again showed the difficulty Rublev has in managing emotions on the court.

But let's see in detail what was the reason that scandalized the Turin crowd. The incident happened in the first game of the second set. After granting a break to Carlos Alcaraz due to a forehand that ended very wide, Rublev was unable to control his emotions, and vented all his anger by hitting the racket on his knees.

Rublev hits his knees with rackets

The Russian repeatedly hit his left knee with his racket violently, risking a serious injury. Rublev surprised those present and his opponent by hitting himself six times on the knee, before regaining a modicum of calm.

From that moment on, however, he was no longer able to play on par with Alcaraz, allowing the young Spanish tennis player to dominate the match without problems. You can watch the video shared by Sky Sport by clicking here.

Rublev didn't want to dwell too much on the episode and, at the press conference, he explained: "Everything is fine. Nothing happened. I couldn't manage myself today. My friendship with Alcaraz? It makes no difference. In general, if you don't like losing it doesn't matter who your opponent is.

You feel disappointment, especially when you realize that the season is ending. You want to do better or at least try to get better results. Now I don't expect anything anymore. The one with Alexander Zverev It will be the last match and I will try to do better than in the last two matches.

I will at least try to finish well." Rublev will play his last match in the Red Group of the Nitto ATP Finals tomorrow against Alexander Zverev. The German defeated Alcaraz in the first match, losing the second match to Daniil Medvedev.

Andrey Rublev