Jannik Sinner beat Novak Djokovic: the match point

The Italian made history, getting his first career Slam final

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner beat Novak Djokovic: the match point
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Jannik Sinner simply exceptional. With an amazing performance, the Italian tennis player reached the final of the 2024 Australian Open. There were 33 consecutive matches, a very long series of victories and an incredible series of records.

But it wasn't enough for Novak Djokovic to win the match. The 24-time Slam champion surrendered in four sets, after a mixed performance, just as his tournament was mixed. The Italian tennis player beat Novak Djokovic after a magnificent challenge, thus reaching his first final in a Grand Slam tournament.

A match that could have ended even earlier: Sinner had a match point in the third set tiebreak but Djokovic got a proud reaction. The Serbian won the third set and many believed in the champion's usual reaction, the one that had seen Nole react with an extraordinary comeback several times.

Djokovic and Sinner© Cameron Spencer / Staff Getty Images Sport

Jannik Sinner made history: he beat Novak Djokovic in four sets

This time it didn't go like that, at 1-2 and 40-0 for Djokovic Sinner didn't give up and got a break which effectively ended the match.

A challenge always played at a very high level. Djokovic wasn't the best but also and above all thanks to a spectacular performance by Jannik, who continues his magical moment and wins the third match against Nole in recent months.

The trend has changed since the beginning and Sinner is making history. The data on break points is impressive: Sinner did not concede a single break point against what is considered the greatest return in the history of tennis.

"It was a really tough match. I started very well in the first two sets. I had a feeling he wasn't feeling well and I tried to push without thinking. I wasted a match point in the third set by missing a forehand, but that's part of the game.

I wanted to be ready for the next set which started off great. I couldn't wait to play this match. It's nice and important to face a player like Nole, who can always teach you a lot," said Jannik during the on court interview.

Below is the video of the match point shared by @quindicizero X account:

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