Shock in Santiago: Renzo Olivo kicks the umpire's chair!

In the first round of the ATP Challenger in Chile, the Argentine was removed from the tournament

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Shock in Santiago: Renzo Olivo kicks the umpire's chair!
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Shock in the ATP Challenger in Santiago de Chile. A series of events for the clay-season specialists continues on the South American clay-court, but this time
The issue occurred during the first round match between the Brazilian Orlando Luz and the Argentine player Renzo Olivo.

The score was 6-3 1-1 for Luz. On Renzo Olivo's service game there was a break point for Luz, which would put him ahead by a break, even in the second half of the game. Olivo decides to follow the serve to the net but during the exchange, the chair umpire stops the point claiming that the Argentine had touched the net.

Olivo, in disbelief, first threw his racket on the ground, then put his hands in his hair for a long time as he didn't think that type of call was possible and then went into a rage. Olivo started insulting the referee, turning and talking to his corner.

Before the final act that led to the disqualification. When everything seemed to have returned to normal, Olivo, as he approached his bench for the change of court, threw his racket towards that area and then approached the referee's chair which he kicked.

The Argentine player punctured the structure and at this point the chair umpire's decision was inevitable. The umpire, assisted by the supervisor, disqualified the player. Just like what happened a few days ago to Andrey Rublev in Dubai.

Below is the video of what happened in Santiago:

Absurd weeks on the Tour

The echo of the disqualification of Andrey Rublev who was removed from the recent Dubai tournament during the semi-final against Alexander Bublik for having said a few inappropriate words to the line judges has not yet died down which therefore brings another disqualification in the world of tennis.

This time the incident did not happen in one of the most important tournaments on the circuit like Dubai but the substance does not change.

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