Arthur Cazaux faints due to a illness in Miami: the video is dramatic

The tennis player fainted while waiting for his opponent's serve, perhaps due to the humidity and high temperatures

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Arthur Cazaux faints due to a illness in Miami: the video is dramatic
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In an already dramatic day, with the news of the death of Aryna Sabalenka's boyfriend, the Miami Open was rocked by another moment of tension, which could have become a drama.

During the qualifiers for the men's main draw, the matches were held in a climate of great humidity and high temperatures which led to a tennis player falling ill on the court.

The French tennis player Arthur Cazaux suddenly fainted while he was waiting for his opponent's serve. He suddenly collapsed to the ground amidst general dismay. There was obviously great fear among those present in the crowd and the medical staff immediately intervened to verify the situation.

The tennis player was playing the third set in the derby against his compatriot Mayot. Cazaux led the third set 2-1 but was forced to withdraw from the match and consequently leave the Miami Open early. Cazaux is one of the most interesting talents in French tennis, he is only 22 years old but is already firmly in the Top 100 and many speak of him as a tennis player with great room for growth.

And to think that the match had gone rather badly for Cazaux, down a set and a break with the opponent who served for the match 5-4 in the second set but lost three games in a row, allowing Cazaux to equalize The bills.

A testimony to the very humid climate and extreme temperatures in Miami. An almost surreal situation, which causes great concern for the climatic conditions of these days. It should be specified that there are no official notes regarding Cazaux's condition and the reason for his sudden fainting but many have hypothesized that the illness was due to the extreme climatic conditions.

Let's review this incredible video with the public also shocked by what happened:

Arthur Cazaux