Andrey 'drama-queen' Rublev vents his anger against his knees and bench

The Russian tennis player went crazy in the match against Matteo Arnaldi

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andrey 'drama-queen' Rublev vents his anger against his knees and bench
© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Mad-Andrey Rublev strikes again! Evidently the proclamations that the Russian tennis player makes every time about his behavior are just slogans, because every time he indulges the crowds in drama-queen-style dramas. At the Roland Garros, the Russian played another match in which he completely lost his temper, giving a low-level show that fans have now become accustomed to. Rublev was defeated by Matteo Arnaldi, who dominated his opponent throughout the match.

In several phases of the challenge, Rublev literally went crazy, especially when he did not agree with a choice made by the chair umpire. On a winner, which would have brought the Italian to 15-30, the referee assessed the mark near the line, infuriating the Russian tennis player. And, of course, there is not something news in Andrey's behivior. Nothing we didn't already see.

Andrey Rublev
Andrey Rublev© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Eurosport, in a video released on social media, collected in three minutes the many episodes and moments in which Rublev kicked his bench or violently hit his knee and protested like a drama queen. The second action has made him decidedly famous on the ATP Tour for more than a year. The very high level shown by the Italian surprised and upset Andrey's plans, who was unable to react after the hard-fought tie-break lost 8-6.

Arnaldi was the protagonist of a splendid performance and put the Russian player with his back against the wall, who exploded with anger when faced with the difficulties that the challenge presented to him. At that point, Matteo was very capable of giving continuity to his tennis and conceding only 6 games in total to his opponent in the remaining two sets. He was, therefore, the Ligurian who reached the round of 16 of Roland Garros and entered the second week of the second Grand Slam of the season.

Matteo Arnaldi