Nick Kyrgios Highlight Reel From Beijing and Tokyo

The Australian player had fun during the Asian swing in the past

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Nick Kyrgios Highlight Reel From Beijing and Tokyo

Explaining his recent performance at the Zhuhai Championship, Nick Kyrgios said: "Obviously I played the Laver Cup before this event and I wasn't able to compete on day three of the Laver Cup. So, I mean, I was battling with a bit of a shoulder/collar bone injury.

I was playing well in the first set, I was obviously up a break serving for the set and, I mean, yeah, my shoulder was, yeah, I was obviously struggling a lot. I'm serving usually somewhere around the 230 kilometers an hour mark and I wasn't even able to crack about 180.

So, yeah, I mean I was obviously hindered a lot, but I mean he played as well as he had to today to take me down with what I had and, yeah, it was, he played too good, he's a tough competitor."