Nadal hits amazing volley against Tsitsipas

The Spaniard prevailed in a three-set match

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Nadal hits amazing volley against Tsitsipas

Rafa en FUEGO at the net today 🔥 @rafaelnadal . #nittoatpfinals #tennis #tennistv #nadal #instatennis #instasport #london

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On finishing the year as a world No.

1, Rafael Nadal said: "This trophy is an achievement for all year round, so personally today I can't thank you all enough for all the support for this match [today] and all the time I have been playing here in London,” said Nadal, during the on-court ceremony.

“I would like to thank, because it's something I really feel from the bottom of my heart, all the fans, all around the world, who give me the support every single week that I am playing."