Nadal hits unbelievable forehand passing

The Spaniard delivered his defence skills

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Nadal hits unbelievable forehand passing

Nobody hits a running forehand quite like Rafa 😍 @rafaelnadal . #tennis #tennistv #sport #instasport #instatennis #nadal #rafa #nittoatpfinals

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Stefanos Tsitsipas, analyzing his loss to Rafael Nadal, said: "It was kind of funny.

During the match I thought about it a couple of times, but at the end I really want to win, and that win means a lot to me because it's against a tough player, the current No. 1. So I came very close, and I would say I did leave something in the tank.

I didn't really go full, full. I could have gone even more full than that, but I'm not disappointed by that. I wanted to win but probably wasn't willing to die on the court for that. But despite that, things went well, really well. My main focus is doing well in the semifinals more than this match. But again, I wanted to win, so, yeah."