ATP Cup: Bernardes' viral speech to the unruly public

The South American umpire was forced to ask the public to "respect" the game between Djokovic and Shapovalov to bring back a peaceful atmosphere inside the stadium.

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ATP Cup: Bernardes' viral speech to the unruly public

Any true tennis fan knows the name of Carlos Bernardes, the famous Brazilian umpire, one of the best and most respected in the world in his category.

During the ATP Cup quarter-final meeting in Sydney between Canadian Denis Shapovalov and Serbian Novak Djokovic, Bernardes found himself forced in spite of himself to call the public back into order after the spectators had interrupted and distracted the match several times without regard for the service of the North American player.

"Ladies and gentlemen please, one moment, one moment please," Bernardes said. "This is a tennis game, the most important thing between all of us is respect. If you don't want to watch tennis, the best thing you can do is pick it up and go home.

But don't distract those who came here to watch this sport. " "If you guys don't do this against Canadians or Serbians this is not what we want. Please, respect both players. Thank you," Bernardes' admonition, unusually directed and targeted against the public, seems to have achieved its aim: the crowd of spectators gradually recomposed in the following minutes and allowed the game to run smoothly.