ATP Finals: Roger Federer's BEST FINAL won

At the year-end Master 2011 the Swiss Maestro beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in tree amazing sets

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ATP Finals: Roger Federer's BEST FINAL won

The ATP Finals are about to say goodbye to United Kingdon: this will be the last edition after 12 years at the O2 Arena in London. From next year the traveling tournament will in fact move to Turin, Italy. The big absentee of this edition is Federer, who missed most of the season due to double surgery on his right knee.

Ora the Swiss Maestro will come back for the upcomin Australian Open 2021, in Melboure, first Major of the next year. This year, without Roger Federer, will Novak Djokovic be able to break the Swiss record? Or will Rafael Nadal manage to win his first title in the Finals? Or will the winner once again be an outsider, as has been the case over the past three years? At the ATP Finals 2011, Roger Federer defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the end of an epic final, with the final score of 6-3 6 (6) -7 6-3, in what was one of the most amazing finals of the last ten year in London.

Thanks to that wins, Roger won his 6th and, till now, last title at the year-end Master.