Unfortunate episode that occurred in the match between Pospisil and the qualified Mackenzie McDonald

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Resounding and unfortunate episode at the Miami Open 2021: Vasek Pospisil vented against the chair judge for a penalty point immediately on 3-5 15-40 against the qualified Mackenzie McDonald, insulting both the judge and ATP no.1 Andrea Gaudenzi.

Pospisil was about to serve the fifth point of the game when the game stopped with a second warning assigned to the Canadian, which resulted in a penalty point and gave the set to the American. Pospisil said: "Yesterday for an hour and a half the ATP chief yelled at me for trying to unite the players.

For an hour and a half! The ATP leader! Bring him here, bring him here!" Chair Umpire at that moment turns to the player asking him what all this had to do with his attitude on the pitch in the last three games where he had put zero effort and was throwing the game away.

Pospisil did not listen to him and continued his outburst: "Fu ... ng b ... h" Chair umpire replied, "Whatever it is, you have to deal with it off the court."