Wimbledon 2021: Novak Djokovic vs Anderson's MATCH-POINT

The Serb got the 3rd round of the London Slam

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Wimbledon 2021: Novak Djokovic vs Anderson's MATCH-POINT

Waiting for more difficult tests, Novak Djokovic just wins against Kevin Anderson. Player capable of recovering two sets of disadvantage to Roger Federer in 2018 and even reaching the final on the Wimbledon grass-courts. Precisely in the remake of the final one, the world number one, who does not allow break points and who manages the matter from the baseline in a practically perfect way, passes and hooks the third round on the meadows of Church Road for the fifteenth time in his career thanks to a triple 6-3.

Under absolutely normal conditions, not even the winner of the match between Denis Kudla and Andreas Seppi should be a problem. After a rather prolonged study phase, the Serbian champion, forced to take advantage on only one occasion, condenses the vast majority of attention on 4-3.

Accomplice a double fault by Anderson, who also tries to make small better tactics for not granting points of reference, the defending champion builds a partial 8-0 and closes the first fraction without particular difficulties.

Anderson clings almost desperately to the first ball: needless to say, in the second, he needs to cancel a break point in the opening game and the advantages in the third game. The feeling is that Djokovic pushes the minimum necessary on the accelerator pedal.

The third set is a completely necessary side dish: Djokovic, fond of the break in game-number-eight, grabs the success at the first useful opportunity.