Wimbledon Memories: the best shots of last 10 years - Men

A compilation of sensational shots, from Roger Federer to Rafael Nadal and Dustin Brown

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Wimbledon Memories: the best shots of last 10 years - Men

Wimbledon memories: the best shots the last ten years hit in the men's singles. For the third time in history, the tournament was canceled, but at the All England Club, we have lived unforgettable tennis moments and great records.

In the beginning, it was the two World Wars that marred the tournament, this year the global pandemic forced the Church Road board to cancel the event. Thanks to insurance taken out in 2003 against pandemics, however, Wimbledon will not suffer economic damage.

In this video, we can admire a series of fantastic shots hit during the last ten years in the men's singles: from Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to Dustin Brown and Andy Murray. This year we should be content to relive the best moments, the best matches, the statistics, the curiosities and much other news about the Championships: but our mind goes already to 2021, with the hope of returning to live the emotions that only Wimbledon can guarantee.