Maria Sharapova's life after tennis is a success

The former Russian champion has posted a new video on her Instagram profile

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Maria Sharapova's life after tennis is a success

On 26 February 2020, Maria Sharapova announced her retirement from tennis in a letter published in Vogue magazine. The Russian champion had to leave competitions due to the constant physical problems that characterized the last months of her career.

Sharapova is not, however, one of those people capable of standing still and has decided to carry out several important projects. Between jobs, Sharapova used the new Instagram Reels feature to make a great video about some of her boxing workouts.

This shows once again how Maria Sharapova still has considerable popularity and how, even out of the competition, between investments, business, Sugarpova candy, cover magazines and social media, she is still much more popular than her other companions who still play tennis.