Wimbledon 2022: Novak Djokovic trains with his son Stefan

The Serbian tennis player trained on the Wimbledon courts with Stefan, the eldest son of the family

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Wimbledon 2022: Novak Djokovic trains with his son Stefan

Father and son on the All England Club lawns, but Djokovic playing Nadal? No, we are not talking about the 20-time slam champion, but about the eldest son Stefan, 7 year-old, who showed a style of play very similar to that of the Majorcan tennis player.

In a recent Eurosport video, father and son were filmed practicing swapping on the Wimbledon training grounds. The very young tennis player already shows excellent technical skills and exchanges on an equal footing with his father.

What is striking about Stefan is the way he hits with the forehead, a shot inspired by that of the opponent of his father's thousand battles. As already stated by Djokovic, the son is a huge fan of the Spanish tennis player.

We recall Djokovic will lost all the points he gained last edition of the Championships after the ATP decision to not give points for this London Slam. In the video, father and son engaged in their personal training