Novak Djokovic welcomed in Serbia by a raving crowd

The Serbian tennis player was welcomed by thousands of people after his Wimbledon triumph

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Novak Djokovic welcomed in Serbia by a raving crowd

Novak Djokovic landed in his Belgrade from London, welcomed by thousands of people and a true triumph. The former world number one and current number 7 in the world rankings, last Sunday scored his seventh title at Wimbledon by overcoming Nick Kyrgios in four sets.

Thanks to this success, the Serbian champion has risen to 21 career Slams, one less than Nadal and one more than Federer. Djokovic, on his return to Belgrade with the London Cup, was welcomed like a true hero by his people.

The Balkan tennis player celebrated this important triumph together with his compatriots in a party in grand style that hinted at all the affection that people have for him. Djokovic from Belgrade spoke of this affection, thanking the many fans who came to pay homage to him: "I felt a little lonely after Australia, but here I felt the love and support of my people.

Hope this isn't the last time we see you here. These are the moments worth living for, they will remain in my heart for the rest of my life."