"Shut up and respect the players!" Novak Djokovic exasperated by British fans

The Serbian champion is a fury against the British fans, both during the match and during the on-court interview


"Shut up and respect the players!" Novak Djokovic exasperated by British fans
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How much controversy in the Davis Cup quarterfinal match between Serbia and Great Britain! Novak Djokovic, once again, had problems with the crowd and fans, during (and after!) the match against Cameron Norrie. The behavior of the British fans present in the stands did not please the 24-time Slam champion, at all.
During the set point, Nole received several boos between the first and second serves.

After the point - won by the Serbian star, of course - Nole celebrated towards the opposing fans, also blowing kisses tot hem. Controversy over? not at all! At the end of the match, the Serbian player got even more nervous and he lashed out at one British fan in particular: "Learn to respect the players, learn to respect people, you shut up, you shut up!" The British fans were continuing to beat the drums while Djokovic was giving the interview on the court and for this reason the Serbian became furious.

Serbia will now be able to prepare to face Italy, in a match that is worth access to the final. Below you can watch the video of what happened, which immediately went around the web, shared by @BarclayCard18 and @Olly_Tennis_ X accounts.

Nole complains with British fans

Looking at the situation with the British fans, Nole explained at the press conference: "Pretty much the whole match, people in the crowd showed a lack of respect, but again, that's something I have to be prepared for.

In Davis Cup it's normal for fans to sometimes cross the line, but in the heat of the moment you also react and you, in a way, how can I put it, show that you don't allow this kind of behavior." After the match, in the on-court interview, the British fans started playing loudly, drowning out his voice. Djokovic replied: "We will sleep well tonight, keep it up, keep it up. Learn to respect the players. Shut up!"

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