Novak Djokovic trains hard and 'sees' Wimbledon

The Serbian champion is recovering quickly after meniscus surgery: could he really play in the Championships?

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Novak Djokovic trains hard and 'sees' Wimbledon
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Signs of absolute recovery for Novak Djokovic, who will try to arrive at Wimbledon and Paris Olympics in the best possible condition. After the arthroscopic surgery he underwent following the injury suffered at Roland Garros, the 37-year-old reacted in a surprising way, as stated by Antoine Gerometta, the surgeon who operated on the Serbian champion.  Djokovic was able to walk again without the aid of crutches after a week, and in recent days he has already returned to training.

A video published by the 24-time Slam champion on Instagram shows how Djokovic is already back in the gym, training at an unthinkable pace after this type of injury. Nole appeared smiling and determined, alternating free body mobility exercises, training with some machines and exercise bike sessions. The video ends with the Serbian champion first pretending to limp and then sipping a drink.

However, as Gerometta stated, the chances that the Serbian will reach the Slam on grass 100% are really low. The surgeon who carried out the operation declared himself impressed by the Serbian tennis player's threshold. Regarding the extent of the injury, however, he preferred to remain cautious: "I was transparent with the team and with Novak, it will depend on how his knee reacts."

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic © Getty Images Sport - Graham Denholm

The 24-time slam champion will have to defend the 1200 points obtained in the last edition, when he surrendered to Carlos Alcaraz in one of the most spectacular finals in recent years. However, the curiosity remains to find out in what condition he will arrive (if he decides to play) at the third Major of the year and if he will be able to land yet another shot in his incredible career. So, Djokovic's recovery from the medial meniscus injury in his right knee that forced him to withdraw from Roland Garros before the quarter-finals against Casper Ruud continues at surprising speed.

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