Wimbledon 2022: Rafael Nadal leaves London with a smile

The Majorcan tennis player, despite the forfeit suffered, leaves Wimbledon with a smile

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Wimbledon 2022: Rafael Nadal leaves London with a smile

Rafael Nadal, due to the serious abdominal problem, had to retires from the Wimbledon semifinals against Nick Kyrgios thus giving up the possibility of continuing to cultivate the Grand Slam enterprise, as well as the possibility of returning to win the London slam after twelve years since the last time.

What strikes even more, in the video published by Wimbledon, is the availability and the smile of the Spanish champion who in leaving the structure greeted everyone with extreme courtesy despite the big disappointment. The twenty-two-time slam winner also indulged in some photos with the fans present, snatching really heartfelt smiles.

Rafael Nadal will now have to sit still for a while to recover from this latest injury. To understand how soon he will be able to return. Here is the video published by the twitter channel of the British tournament: