Rafael Nadal gets the statue dedicated him at the Roland Garros!

The work was delivered to the Spaniard by Amelie Mauresmo, director of the tournament, and Gilles Moretton, CEO of the French Tennis Federation

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal gets the statue dedicated him at the Roland Garros!

Rafael Nadal has won a lot and practically everywhere, but the place where, over the years, he has built his legend is above all the Roland Garros. In May 2021, a statue was dedicated to the Majorcan to commemorate his deeds accomplished on the Parisian clay-courts, and now he has been given a 1/10 scale reproduction of the original work measuring approximately 3 meters in height, which Nadal will place in his museum.

The work was presented to him by the director of the Roland Garros, the former world number one Amelie Mauresmo, and by Gilles Moretton, CEO of the French Tennis Federation, as part of an event held at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.

Rafael Nadal's words

On the sidelines of the statue delivery event, the protagonist of all this, Rafa Nadal, could not fail to intervene with a short speech of thanks.

Who, moved, recognized how special it is to have received a commendation of this type, to be able to share with his dearest loved ones and exhibit in the museum containing all his trophies. "Roland Garros is the most important place of my sporting career and that's why I was very excited to have a statue there.

Being able to have this replica here, in my home, in the Museum and in such a special place for me, my family and my team is something special. I am very grateful to everyone who made it possible and it is displayed here, together with my trophies, for anyone to come and see," said the Majorcan.

Nadal who, looking at the present, has been out of the circuit for some time due to the emergence of new physical problems. Recently, an indiscretion according to which he would return to the field at the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo has circulated online, but Nadal himself has in a certain sense denied it, clarifying that he does not know the timing of his come back.

He explained: "I don't know who gave this information, but at the moment I cannot confirm it. The reality is that I'm following my course and I don't know when I'll really play again, that's the truth. I'm working and growing. At the moment, however, I can't say dates, I honestly don't know."

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