WATCH: Rafael Nadal trains with Korda and destroys the US 6-3

The Spanish champion trained with the young US on the Philippe Chatrier, already showing a lot of confidence

by Lorenzo Ciotti
WATCH: Rafael Nadal trains with Korda and destroys the US 6-3
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Rafael Nadal's arrival in Paris unleashed his fans, who were over the moon to see their champion return to tread the red-clay of the Philippe Chatrier. The Roland Garros was a land of conquest for the legendary Spaniard; the 14 titles won at the Parisian Slam are a record that will never be broken in the future. It is therefore normal that Rafa receives a lot of support even just for training.

And precisely in this regard, the Olly Tennis X account has shared a video that will surely excite the Spaniard's fans. Rafa has in fact trained on the Philippe Chatrier with the young US Sebastian Korda. Nadal has already shown a lot of confidence (on a court that he knows as well as himself), also highlighting improvements in his movements, more fluid than in previous weeks. Rafa beat the young US 6-3 in practice.

Below is the video:

We're almost there before what should be one of the most incredible tennis events in the history of the sport. Because Roland Garros could represent that last farewell between Nadal, the most dominant tennis player on clay, and what was the home of his sporting exploits. Nadal and Roland Garros have been the same thing for twenty years and the next one should be his last time in this Slam, but who knows...

In recent days, the coach of the 22-time slam champion, Carlos Moyà, has spoken about the situation of the Majorcan tennis player, clarifying how the 37-year-old has worked hard to be able to take the court in Paris.

"Nothing has been decided yet. He is competing, the results are not the usual, but he is well, he is happy. It is not what we are used to, but I also knew that it was a very difficult process. Now we will try to move forward this week, the idea is to be at Roland Garros next week. The goal is to move forward day by day because these are the conditions," he told as reported by Diari de Mallorca.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal© Dan Istitene / Staff Getty Images Sport

"We move forward little by little, entering the competition, trying to get into a rhythm, he comes from very far away, with various injuries during these months.... It is clear that he lacks a bit of competitive rhythm, but he will not have it because there are no more tournaments. Anything that can be coached and added quality time on the field will add up. Since Barcelona there has been an evolution on a physical and mental level, but above all in having certain guarantees of being able to withstand a five-set match," added Moya, in an interview for IB3 Televisió.

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