Rafa Nadal amazing banana shots in Beijing

The Spanish player won two titles at the China Open

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Rafa Nadal amazing banana shots in Beijing

Rafael Nadal spoke two years about what makes the China Open in Beijing so special: "Being honest, no, I have fun in all the places that I go. I try to enjoy all the places. We are lucky to have a great tour. We visit beautiful cities.

Here in Beijing, is true that we are not in the middle of the city. I had the chance during that years to visit, of course, a couple of traditional places of the city. I enjoyed that. But during the event is difficult, no? We are a little bit away of everything.

Our life during this event is more hotel and tennis club. But great atmosphere. The facilities are fantastic. Amazing, big stadiums, beautiful ones. I enjoy being here. I have been coming here very often, for the last five, six years."