Nadal wins unbelievable point in doubles

The Spaniard was on fire on Saturday in Madrid

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Nadal wins unbelievable point in doubles

Rafael Nadal said: "Well, yeah, a lot of emotions out there, you know, playing my team. Yeah, a lot of things, a lot of things went through, we went through a lot of things this week, no, honestly.

Every day. Yesterday, I went inside my room at 4:24 in the morning. Two days ago we had the father of Roberto passed away, so is terrible thing. Today Pablo had been under some diet thing from yesterday and then Marcel, he was not feeling well, no? So a lot of things.

So we needed to find a way. And Feli played good singles without being ready, because probably Feli didn't expect to play the singles. Then I won my singles and then doubles we know."