Steve Kerr: "Roger Federer became a star thanks to..."

The NBA coach reveals a curious background on the Swiss champion

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Steve Kerr: "Roger Federer became a star thanks to..."

Roger Federer is an acclaimed and admired tennis player around the world. Although he has been standing still for some time, Roger is repeatedly cited and taken as an example. During a pre-game press conference Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, revealed an interesting background on the Swiss champion, a sort of small lesson that the former basketball player wanted to give not only to his players, but to everyone.

athletes. Here are his statements: "We met Roger a few years ago in China, he was with us in the locker room. At one point we asked him how he managed to play and be so continuous for over 20 years and his simple answer made us reflect.

He told us that he loved the daily routine, in the morning he has breakfast with his children, he takes them to school and then he went to train. Roger loves to compete and he told us that he was very satisfied with how things were going."

Kerr compared Stephen Curry to Roger Federer at the conference. Here is the video: