Behind the scenes of Roger Federer’s fulfilled promise to Zizou

Tennis – Watch behind-the-scenes footage of Federer’s Barilla-sponsored fulfilled promise.

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Behind the scenes of Roger Federer’s fulfilled promise to Zizou

A witness of the shooting of the Barilla-sponsored video showing Roger Federer fulfilling his promise to Zizou has released a short piece of behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube.

How did Federer fulfil his promise

Roger Federer, with the help of his sponsor Barilla, managed to meet up with Izyan Ahmad, also known as Zizou, a young tennis player that challenged Federer to a match half a decade ago.

Without any tournaments scheduled, Federer decided to fly to Zurich and meet the young fan. The whole meeting was recorded and published on Barilla’s YouTube channel. “A surprising story about a fan, one question, and one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

It’s been 5 years since Izyan Ahmad, known to most as Zizou, challenged Federer to a match during the U.S. Open press conference. Together with Barilla, Roger Federer decides to surprise his fan by flying him to Zurich and fulfilling his promise.

It’s time for Zizou to play against Federer, who has 20 Grand Slam titles to his name,” reads the caption of Barilla’s promotional but emotional video. See the video in this article: Roger Federer surprises kid by fulfilling “pinky promise” made 5 years ago