When Roger Federer "shut down" a tennis match

Tennis - Berdych was leading 3-0 against Coric when Federer interrupted it.

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When Roger Federer "shut down" a tennis match

Roger Federer once interrupted a tennis match from outside the court as the fans who were looking for his autograph made so much noise that a match between Berdych and Coric was interrupted. "The fans outside the court were so excited to get autographs from Roger Federer that they literally stopped this match," said one of Tennis Channel's commentators.

"There was so much noise they couldn't hear the ball," another TC commentator said. After he saw the video of Federer stopping a tennis match, a fan reacted on Instagram: "That is why these endless discussions about who is the GOAT are such a waste of time.

We all know." Watch the video below.

"Federer shuts down a tennis match," Tennis Channel titled the video.