Roger Federer receives a tender hug from his family!

Beautiful images after the retirement of the tennis player, all in tears

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Roger Federer receives a tender hug from his family!

After weeks of words and rumors about the affair yesterday we officially witnessed the retirement of the Swiss champion Roger Federer. The twenty-time Grand Slam test winner greeted audiences around the world after a doubles match played with his friend and great rival Rafael Nadal.

Endless emotions during the match and at the end of the match where many (both on the court and in front of the TV) burst into tears to finally say goodbye to their favorite.

Roger Federer receives a moving hug from his family

At the end of the match, the tears of Rafa Nadal, Roger's friend and rival, impressed but even more tender was the embrace of Mirka (wife), the parents and children of the Swiss tennis player, all moved around his wife.

The legend of Roger Federer ends, one of the strongest tennis players in history and probably the most loved tennis player in the history of this sport. Here is the video: