Roger Federer beat Marton Fucsovics - Match Point

Final rally of the Swiss player's quarter-final match win

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Roger Federer beat Marton Fucsovics - Match Point

In press conference Roger Federer said: "you just go out there and try your best. Sometimes you get in the lead, sometimes you don't. Important was not to get down in the score early on.

Yeah, it was tricky. A couple of rain delays, especially one at 5-All, coming back with sort of no preparation, if you like, just have to serve can be tricky.

Then the same thing in the second for him also. The energy of the body, the adrenaline, tactics, all that stuff kind of fades away just a little bit in those rain delays. It's tricky to come back and just hit winners after that. Sometimes it's a disadvantage. Sometimes it was an advantage.

We made the most of it. The tiebreaker was tough. I'm happy I found a way to get out of that one. That was an exciting match, to say the least."