Roger Federer vs Leonardo Mayer - Match Point

The final rally of the Swiss player's win against the Argentinean

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Roger Federer vs Leonardo Mayer - Match Point

After the match Roger Federer said: "I think other guys will come up with new tricks, you know.

And I don't play that dissimilar, I believe, to the older generation, you know. It's hard to reinvent the wheel, you know. But of course maybe Rafa, Novak, and me, we have something special, whatever that is. It's maybe a combination of many things, you know.

But, yeah, sure, I think a lot of my fans or Novak's fans or Rafa's fans, when either one of us retires, we'll feel a bit of a void, you know, but I think it will just take a few years after that to fall in love with another player."