WATCH: How will Roger Federer look in 2040

Tennis - A fan thought the man in the video was Federer’s dad

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WATCH: How will Roger Federer look in 2040

A fake video with Roger Federer talking after a futuristic Wimbledon 2040 final has caused a stir among fans around the world. Some of them even though the man in the video is Federer’s father, before they observed that the interview is a fiction.

“Wait, who’s this? Is this Roger’s dad? I haven’t watched tennis in 15 years, but that can’t be Roger Federer, is it? NO!!!!!”, user Otto von Tutti commented on Youtube. “I think that life’s permitting and everything’s ok, you can take 300 days beforehand and just prepare for Wimbledon and put yourself in a freeze box and then you come out and you train a bit and you’re not going to be injured…” says Federer.

“Playing Wimbledon, winning Wimbledon are two separate things as well, don’t forget that. I totally see myself playing here next year, but because it’s far away and of what happened last year, I just like to take the opportunity to thank the people in the very moment and make them understand that, yes, I hope that I’m back”.