Serena Williams can’t decide which caviar to buy

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Serena Williams can’t decide which caviar to buy

Knowing that her funny friend Eddie Damarri does jokes with caviar all the time, Serena Williams decided to ask him which type of caviar she should buy. “Damari, what do you think? Should I get the whitefish roe, salmon roe or the Pacific…?” After settling on one type of roe, the American tennis player went home and impersonated Damarri by telling his trademark joke on Instagram.

“Did you know that you can’t have the caviar without the cavi?”, Serena said. Switching to tennis, Serena Wiliiams’ next scheduled tournament is Indian Wells, which will start on 9th of March. Therefore, she has enough time to prepare well and bounce off of her Australian Open upset against Qiang Wang.

Serena Williams shopping for caviar