Serena Williams surprises Rafael Nadal in AO hallway

Tennis – Rafael Nadal jumped back when he saw Serena

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Serena Williams surprises Rafael Nadal in AO hallway

Soon after her strong first-round victory against Laura Siegemund, Serena Williams startled Rafael Nadal on a corridor inside the Australian Open complex. The event was caught by one of the inside cameras and was shared on social media, where it got quite popular.

It all unfolded when Serena saw Nadal down the hallway and walked towards him to have a chat. Yet, when Williams entered the Spaniard’s visual axis he suddenly stepped back, visibly surprised. Afterward, we can see both of them removing their masks off of their faces to talk – which is not exactly in compliance with the rules.

At the moment of the meeting, Nadal had just arrived at the stadium while Serena Williams was stepping out from the court after a well-done job. Maybe she wanted to brag about her victory or to catch up with Rafa. However, we don’t know what the two tennis legends actually talked about.