Benoit Paire showed super soccer skills!

The French tennis player also gave a show during a soccer match

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Benoit Paire showed super soccer skills!

Benoit Paire at the Mouratoglou Academy of Tennis allowed himself a few hours of leisure playing a game of soccer with other people. The French tennis player also became the protagonist of some high-class touches and literally gave a spectacle to those present with celebrations and screams as if he were playing tennis.

The 33-year-old from Avignon posted this funny video on his Instagram channel with the words "Benoit playing football = Benoit playing tennis," clear reference to the fact that he has shown the same self-denial and competitive spirit that he puts on the field during a tennis match .

Benoit Paire is not having a great time as he stated in an interview. "Since the start of this season I have had to struggle with my mind every single day. I think there haven't been many moments after Covid where I felt happy.

I am quite sensitive and emotional, so everything that has happened has hit me and hurt me more than others. I understand that I need help. Now I follow a therapy from a psychologist and a mental coach to try to understand what is happening to me.

It hasn't worked so far, but I need to get out of it," said the expert transalpine tennis player