Daria Kasatkina in tears: "I just want the war to end"

The Russian player could not hold back her tears when talking about the war in Ukraine


Daria Kasatkina in tears: "I just want the war to end"

Daria Kasatkina's reaction to the question posed by a very polite Russian journalist is truly emblematic. "What do you want right now? I just want the war to end." The journalist, listening to Kasatkina's response, then explained to her: "Aren't you afraid that they will take away your house after the statements you made? Has this thought not crossed your mind? Are you not afraid that you will never be able to return to Russia, for example?" The Russian player was unable to hold back her tears after the hypotheses elaborated by her interlocutor.

Underestimating the weight and pressure that the war in Ukraine has placed on the numerous Russian athletes around the world could mislead all the people who have welcomed the decision made by the All England Club officials.

Wimbledon organizers have banned Russian players from the third Grand Slam of the year; tennis players who have nothing to do with the choices made by their government and who have spoken out against the war on more than one occasion.

Daria Kasatkina