Juggler hoops Nicolas Cage using tennis rackets

Tennis - That is one way to combine tennis, basketball, and Nicolas Cage.

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Juggler hoops Nicolas Cage using tennis rackets

Michael Rayner, famous for his ability to juggle tennis rackets, likes to involve a little bit of Nicolas Cage in many of his tricks. Here is his latest one:

Michael Rayner has garnered millions of views with his viral routine.

On Instagram alone, Rayner has over 100.000 followers. Besides, Rayner players like Iga Swiatek and Jannik Sinner have shown their juggling abilities. This year Swiatek in fact performed a number of juggling with three balls, demonstrating a good level of dexterity.

See the video here: Iga Swiatek has the skills of a JUGGLER! In 2021, Jannik Sinner published a video on social media that showed his juggling skills. See the youngster training in this article: Jannik Sinner trains like A JUGGLER!