VIDEO SHOCK: Young player brutally beaten and humiliated by her father

Serious episode that occurred in recent days in a sports center in Belgrade


VIDEO SHOCK: Young player brutally beaten and humiliated by her father

Igor Juric, Serbian coach, released a video of denunciation following the umpteenth act of violence perpetrated against a young Chinese tennis player. The incident took place in a Belgrade sports center in recent days. In the images published by Juric it is possible to identify a man who hits the girl with violent kicks and slaps.

The man in question, who turned out to be the father of the very young athlete, subsequently grabbed her daughter by her hair before throwing her to the ground. The Belgrade prosecutor has issued a search and arrest warrant against the girl's father.

A very bad issue

There is often a tendency to underestimate the importance that the world of sport assumes towards the growth and education of children. A social phenomenon that has the ability to spread the values ​​of respect and solidarity, which could and should be used as an educational tool.

Unfortunately, however, children often find themselves living with their parents' aspirations and goals. Parents who see sports as an opportunity to earn money, fame and success. It is not difficult, by elaborating a simple search on the web, to find examples of abused and humiliated children after a defeat and acts of violence as extreme as they are dangerous.