Sabalenka and Badosa dance wildly: is it the video of the year?

The two beautiful tennis players once again showed their friendship, dancing and having fun at the World Tennis League

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Sabalenka and Badosa dance wildly: is it the video of the year?
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Friendship is something truly unique and rare in tennis: athletes compete with each other and it is really difficult to create a solid bond. Instead, Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa did it, among the protagonists of this new edition of the World Tennis League, on stage in Abu Dhabi.

The two tennis players are trying to bring the Kites team to the top of the competition, together with Stefanos Tsitsipas and Grigor Dimitrov. The Belarusian and the Spaniard had a lot of fun on the court already in the first few days.

After the victory of the world number 2, the two celebrated with a very particular dance.

The unbreakable bond between Sabalenka and Badosa

Sabalenka and Badosa have already achieved great satisfaction in the United Arab Emirates, winning a women's doubles match.

At the end of the match they once again publicly showed the strong meaning of their relationship and friendship off the court: "She is the best. I love her. I'm really happy to have her by my side. I think our dance is the key, Right?" said Aryna.

To these words Paula responded like this: "I agree!" The Belarusian, during the second day of competition, defeated the Russian Mirra Andreeva. In the post-match interview she expressed her admiration for rapper 50 Cent, who visited the city and performed in concert: "I'm really bad at dancing but I'm just trying to ignore that part and let myself go!"