Naomi Osaka practices on Brisbane hard-courts: fans in awe!

The Japanese tennis player is ready to finally come back to the court

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Naomi Osaka practices on Brisbane hard-courts: fans in awe!
© Naomi Osaka X account

Naomi Osaka stopped and last January 11, 2023, stupendous media, insiders and fans, announced wonderful news to the world: "I will become a mother," but she is now ready to finally return on the court, at the ATP 250 in Brisbane, first tournament of the 2024 tennis season.

In an interview a few months ago with the Daily Mail Naomi talked about her comeback: "I'm sure I'll be back. These months away from tennis have made me reconcile with this sport and I've rediscovered a genuine love for this sport, a sport I've loved dedicated my whole life.

I'm in a resting phase but I still feel competitive. I think I can win Grand Slam tournaments again, and my dream is that my son can see me do it. I intend to return to the circuit directly in 2024." Instead, in an interview granted a few days ago to InStyle, Naomi told how her life changed following the birth: "In the past I had distanced myself from tennis, but this time it was the longest of my life.

And I think she gave me a perspective like: Hey, you're not going to play tennis forever and you have to value the years that you can play. I want to be a good role model for Shai and I want her to understand that this was an important chapter in my life."

Osaka practices on Brisbane hard-courts

Osaka continued about being a mother and said: "Moms are superheroes, but they're also people.

As a child I always saw my mother as so independent and strong, but now that I think about it, she must have been so worried all the time, I can't imagine how stressful it was." Osaka has also found the coach who led her to win the Australian Open and the US Open twice: Wim Fissette, who interrupted her collaboration with the Chinese Zheng Qinwen.

The Belgian spoke about Naomi's tennis future, declaring: "She really wants to see how good she can be. Her approach is unrivaled." Then he underlined the Japanese girl's great will and motivation for this return to the circuit: "Time flies.

Obviously she wants to be ready in January. It's a clear sign of a champion." Now, as I told you at the beginning of the article, Naomi is finally ready to take to the court. In a video shared on her X account a few hours ago, the Japanese practiced on the Brisbane hard-court, in the tournament where she will finally return to playing tennis (where Rafael Nadal will also be present!).

Naomi Osaka