Dayana Yastremska debuts singing career with “Thousands of me” song

Tennis - Does Yastremska’s singing talent compares to her skills on the tennis court?

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Dayana Yastremska debuts singing career with “Thousands of me” song

Dayana Yastremska, the highest-ranked teenager behind Bianca Andreescu, took advantage of the current tennis suspension period and launched her first-ever song, “Thousands of me”, which can now be listened on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and the Ukrainian radio stations.

She launched “Thousands of me” three days before her 20th birthday, which she will celebrate on 15th May. The lyrics of the song are Ukrainian and the record has already been acknowledged by a few radio stations, which is a great thing for a singer found at the beginning of their career.

It’s also worth mentioning that all the earnings from the song will be donated to her charity foundation that has already helped the Ukrainian society by distributing groceries during the pandemic. Singing has been a hobby for Yastremska since she was a child.

"I was doing tennis, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, singing," Yastremska told WTA during a short documentary on her life story. Nevertheless, Dayana chose tennis for one special reason. "But I loved something where you can put all your energy away”.

However, Yastremska also stated that her goal “is to perfect myself on the court and off the court, be more disciplined, get Top 20, to win a Grand Slam [...] My dream is just to be a happy person in life." Given her strong motivation to excel in all her endeavors, we shall expect more records to appear on the market from the Ukrainian second racket.