Fabio Fognini come back to walk after the surgery

The Italian underwent a surgery on the ankles at the end of May

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Fabio Fognini come back to walk after the surgery

Fabio Fognini comes back to walking after the ankle surgery suffered at the end of May. The Italian, who will miss the Italian Championships, said before the surgery: "For about three and a half years I have been suffering from a problem in my left ankle.

It is a resentment with which I lived and, between ups and downs, I was able to manage it. Unfortunately, in the last two years, my right ankle has also started to make me troubled. After more than two months of stop for the lockdown I started training on the court and the problems that I hoped had resolved with rest have come back.

I can't wait to come back to play." A couple of weeks after the surgery, Fognini posted a video on his Twitter account in which he came back to walk again, accompanied by the message "Fogna is back."