Novak Djokovic dances Despacito with his brother Marko

The number one in the world indulges in a ballet to the notes of Luis Fonsi's 2017 summer hit

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Novak Djokovic dances Despacito with his brother Marko

Novak Djokovic loves to joke and have fun with friends and family, in so many ways. He enjoys making imitations, making jokes to journalists during press conferences, accepting invitations to broadcasts like those of Fiorello a few years ago and still performing in ballets and choreography as he did a few years ago during the US Open in 2012 on the notes of Call me maybe.

This time the world number one performed in a ballet with his brother Marko, with the song by Luis Fonsi "Despacito" The video of the two brothers was posted on the Instagram page called eternally_proud_of_novak.

The Belgrade player will play this week in the ATP 500 in Vienna, which he already won in 2007. Among his main antagonists, there will be the home favorite Dominik Thiem.