Caroline Wozniacki vibes during Lukas Graham concert

Tennis – Watch Caroline’s short clip of Graham’s “If You Love Someone” hit song

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Caroline Wozniacki vibes during Lukas Graham concert

Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki posted a short video made during Lukas Graham’s concert in Copenhagen and featuring the famous artist singing his hit “If You Love Someone”. The video was posted in a “picture dump” consisting of photos that Wozniacki’s family took in Denmark’s capital city.

Caroline’s husband David Lee, their daughter Olivia, and Wozniacki’s father and mother are also present in the photographs.

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“Copenhagen picture dump,” Wozniacki captioned her Instagram post.

Lukas Graham is a Danish pop band originating from Copenhagen, famous for songs like "If You Love Someone" and "7 Years." Their lead vocalist Lukas Forchhammer was proud of finally being able to perform in front of a live audience on the 5th of September. “I sang in front of real people today. Yay,” Graham said on Twitter.