Mark Philippoussis

Mark Philippoussis, born in Melbourne, November 7, 1976, is a tennis coach and former Australian tennis player.

Thanks to his physical prowess he possessed a game characterized by great power, both in serving and in the exchange from the baseline, which earned him the nickname of Scud.

Coached by his father, Nick Philippoussis, a former Greek footballer, with his mother, Rosanna is Italian, he began playing at the age of six. In his junior period he was also coached by Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, with whom, however, relations ended in an unserene way. In 1994 he finished fourth in the junior classification and immediately turned pro.

In 2003 the return with a certain continuity to played tennis, reaching the point of playing the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer. During that tournament, in the match he won against Agassi, he scored the Australian record for aces, with 46 in one game, just three aces from the all-time ATP record held by Richard Krajicek.