Henri Leconte

Henri Leconte, born July 4, 1963, is a former French tennis player. Equipped with an extraordinary talent and capable of unthinkable ball speeds, alternating with touches and sensitivity that have had few comparisons in the tennis scene, the constant search for the most difficult and spectacular shot often led him, however, to commit incredible mistakes and sometimes lose games already won.

Not always supported by adequate physical preparation, also due to numerous serious injuries that limited his activity, in particular 3 operations for herniated discs and a few months of suspension of activity due to infectious mononucleosis, he was forced to take numerous forced breaks and to a fairly early withdrawal from competitive activity.

In the Grand Slam tournaments he achieved his most important results in his homeland, reaching the final at Roland Garros 1988 defeated by Mats Wilander. He retired from professional tennis in 1996, however he still plays on the ATP Champions Tour circuit, where he is still one of the most followed tennis players for spectacular shots.