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Marc Rosset

Marc Rosset, born in Geneva on November 7, 1970, is a former Swiss tennis player, winner of the gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games, in Barcelona, and of the Roland Garros in doubles, also in 1992.

Endowed with an excellent serve, a characteristic that unites him to other players of high stature, he was a charismatic and often counter-current character in his attitudes; he had the merit of arousing a new enthusiasm for tennis in his country, before the advent of champions such as Martina Hingis, Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka. He was designated an honorary member by Swiss Tennis.

Born tennis on clay, he was able to extricate himself well on all surfaces, something not taken for granted in the 90s where the surfaces were less uniform, while favoring fast indoor courts where he won 10 tournaments (out of 15 total). On the long distance he expressed the best tennis right on clay by winning the Barcelona '92 Olympics and reaching the semifinal at the Roland Garros in 1996.

On September 2, 1998 Marc Rosset should have been on Swissair flight 111 which connected New York to Geneva, crashed into the waters of Nova Scotia an hour after take-off, but shortly before departure he decided to postpone the return to Switzerland, refusing to take the flight.

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