Srdjan Djokovic

Srdjan Djokovic is a Serbian entrepreneur and former professional skier and ski coach. He is best known as the father of tennis players Novak, Djordje and Marko Djokovic. By supporting and following his son Novak around the world, he gained notoriety for several missteps and strong pro-Novak statements.

Djokovic is currently the owner-manager of the Red Bull pizza restaurant and a sports shop in the Serbian mountains. He opened the restaurant, which is unrelated to the beverage company of the same name, in 1999.

Djokovic is married to Dijana Djokovic. They are the parents of three children: Novak, Marko and Djordje. In 2022, Djokovic criticized the Australian government for not allowing his eldest son, Novak, into the country due to COVID-19 public health rules. On January 6, the eve of Orthodox Christmas, Djokovic compared the detention of his son in Australia to the crucifixion of Jesus.

In January 2023, he was seen during the Australian Open tennis tournament near the Rod Laver Arena with a pro-Vladimir Putin biker gang called the Night Wolves. Vasyl Myroshnychenko, the Ukrainian ambassador to Australia, demanded that Djokovic be banned from the later competition tennis match. Djokovic later stated that he would not participate in the semi-final on January 27 to avoid interrupting it. Srdjan Djokovic later stated that he did not intend to post with pro-Russian gangsters and mistakenly assumed that he was posing for photos with Serbian tennis fans.