Wimbledon is the oldest and the most prestigious event in tennis. The third Grand Slam tournament in chronological order of the year, preceded by the Australian Open and the French Open and followed by the US Open, it is the only Grand Slam to be played on grass. It is held annually between June and July in the London suburb of Wimbledon over two weeks, traditionally starting six weeks before the first Monday in August.

The origins of the Wimbledon Championships are intimately linked to the origins of tennis. This has its roots in the jeu de paume, which appeared in 1874, when the Welsh major Walter Wingfield Clopton published a patent known as A Portable Court of Playing Tennis on February 23, 1874 which established the rules of the new discipline.

Green and purple are the traditional colors of the Wimbledon tournament. women players are always called Miss or Mrs during play. Men's, on the other hand, are referred to only by their surname, while amateurs are addressed by the title Mr.

During the tournament, a falcon named Finnegan flies over the fields at nine in the morning for over an hour before the gates open to ward off pigeons, which could distract the players.

The tournament begins six weeks before the first Monday in August each year and lasts for two weeks. Traditionally it is not played on middle Sunday. Four times in the tournament's history (most recently in 2016) rain forced play on that day. All matches of the round of 16 singles and doubles (men's and women's) and mixed doubles are therefore played on manic Monday, or the Monday of the second week. In the 2022 edition it was planned to play regularly also on middle Sunday. During the first week the first rounds of the draw take place, while in the second it's up to the eighths, quarters, semifinals and final.

Players must wear white uniforms and shoes in honor of the tradition of the first English players, who used that color as a sign of elegance, less showiness and because it was the one that best masked perspiration during the game. However, hints or details of other colors are accepted, provided they are minimal.