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Pierre Paganini

Pierre Paganini is an athletic trainer who has spent almost half of his life alongside Roger Federer. They met when the Swiss was 14 and have worked continuously for the past twenty-two.

Paganini admitted that he experienced Federer's choice to retire from the 2022 Laver Cup as a relief, because the passage of time made approaching the limits more and more dangerous: "We didn't want him to have other injuries and maybe problems in the future of his life To continue in top-level sport you have to push to the limit, but you also have to understand when you're doing too much."

Paganini recounted his perspective on the recent announcement of his most illustrious student: "In July 2022, Roger realized that he had to put more effort into maintaining a lower intensity, so I think it was a smart decision. It's not just about the knee, it's put his body to the test during his career. We can only imagine how many training sessions he did at 41 years of age. I think he's done a miracle in the last five years."

Paganini then added that the friendship will remain from his acquaintance with Federer, as well as the appreciation for his ability to remain the same person as he was when he was 14 years old.

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