Gaston Gaudio

Gaston Gaudio immediately stood out for his baseline play, which is at its best especially on clay where the ball travels at slower speeds. Despite a small physique, the Argentine has managed to build a good serve, with which he often opens the court, thus managing to take full advantage of his best shot, the one-handed backhand.

Gaudio rose to prominence in 2004, when as an outsider he managed to conquer the Roland Garros. In the final against his compatriot Guillermo Coria, the Argentine managed to recover from two sets down and then prevail 8-6 in the fifth set. That success was the prelude to what was his best season, 2005: in that year Gaudio won five tournaments, climbing to fifth position in the ATP rankings.

Since 2006 Gaudio has begun a slow and unstoppable descent: his game has gradually lost incisiveness and has shown less and less ability to remain concentrated for an entire match, moreover without showing margins of recovery. Not only did the Argentine fail to win a tournament, but he started losing to lower-ranked players. In 2007 he collapsed to 73rd position. In 2008 he still gave up numerous positions and arrived at number 585, before deciding to retire.

At the beginning of 2009 he decides to return. After a year of inactivity he officially retired in September 2011.