Luke Donald

Luke Donald, born 7 December 1977, is a British golfer.

Although his father was Scottish, Luke Donald was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire (hence self-described as half-Scottish). He began playing with his brother, who soon became his caddy. He immediately began winning his first tournaments at the age of 15. He attended the Royal Grammar School (High Wycombe) in his youth.

He soon migrated to America to study at the College Prospects of America under golfer Martin Laird. He soon made a name for himself, so much so that the major American colleges wanted him on their team in exchange for a scholarship.

He was also accepted at Stanford, but couldn't get in due to problems not related to golf. So he fell back to Northwestern University in AD 1997, where he studied art, and where he even joined a fraternity. Under the orders of coach Pat Goss he won the NCAA Division I singles title in 1999, breaking Tiger Woods' record.

On May 29, 2011, after Virginia Waters' victory at the BMW Pga Championship, in the last shot against compatriot Lee Westwood, who was also vying for the world record as well as for the Tournament, he became the Number 1 in the world ranking for the first turn in career